What We Believe

Trinity Church is a congregation of the Global Methodist Church, an emerging movement within the Wesleyan branch of the "Christian Family Tree" that is built on sound Christian teaching and honoring God's Word, in celebration of both Spirit and truth. 

3 centuries ago, God used the Methodist movement in England to fan the flames of revival there and eventually in America.  This led to what history now calls "the First and Second Great Awakenings," whose impact on society is seen to this day.  Standing in similar need of such a move of God in our time, we lock arms with our brothers and sisters throughout the world, we fall to our knees in prayer, and we lift our sails high in expectation so that when the wind of the Spirit blows, we are ready to move.  

In a time when it is all too easy to drift into the relativism or the hostility of our age, at Trinity we seek to embody a warm-hearted, Spirit-filled Orthodoxy built on the inspired Word of God and the historic Christian Faith once delivered (Jude 1:3-4) which we hold in common with the Church through the ages.  Our call will always be to love God and honor His Word above all, which includes learning to love all our neighbors as ourselves.  This will only happen as we deny ourselves, follow Christ, and let the Spirit fill us to overflow.     

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