Our Story


We are a growing Family with a Mission

To make disciples of Jesus who worship passionately, love extravagantly, witness boldly, and multiply.  

We are a multi-generational Community with a Vision:

To become people who are Thriving in Christ.

Our Heart is to become Home for people who feel homeless, who hunger for authentic faith, 

who search for a purpose worth giving our whole lives to.  

We believe Jesus is the answer.

If that's you, Welcome Home.  



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Trinity Church is a 150-year-old congregation in the town of Danville, PA. The church worshiped in its original downtown location on Center Street for 100 years before moving up to its current location on the hill of Lombard Avenue in 1972. We stand on the shoulders of generations who prayed, served, and gave for the sake of the Gospel in our community. We are blessed with a rich past and we are seeking God for a thriving future.